To develop novel bio-mimetic technology for enzyme-based microbial carbonate precipitation through the revalorization of industrial waste as raw materials, in order to produce eco-efficient environmental cement.

Work Packages

WP1: Project Management
The overall objective of WP1 is to ensure a sound coordination and management of the project covering technical, administrative, legal, financial, quality and risk related issues, and the relation with the EC.
WP2: Defining the system. approach for cement Industry Wastes and its use as raw materials for Eco-cement
The main objective of this WP is to investigate the use of cement industry wastes, specifically solid alkaline industrial wastes, to produce Eco-Cement. To achieve this, it is planned to define the technical, economical and environmental requirements of industrial waste in order to find the most suitable residue in terms of Eco-Cement production.
WP3:Requirements analysis of microbial process for a suitable and cost-effective Eco-cement production
The objective of this Work Package is to investigate the microbial process for Eco-Cement production. First of all, it will be necessary to select the most suitable microbial source for calcite production. Then, in order to optimize the calcite production, an analysis of parameters involved will determine the favorable growth conditions. Finally, an economical, industrial protocol will be developed for large-scale production of microbial source.
WP4: Tech. Syst. Int. and Smart Monitoring for an effective Indust. Application of Ecocement production
The objective of this WP is to test the Eco-Cement product in an industrial application (priority will be given to a building case). This demonstration will be carried out for six months. The main idea is that this could provide replicability for other construction around EU with the new Eco-Cement. And this will allow us to quantify the global net reductions for energy consumptions, resources use, raw materials and waste production instead the CO2 emissions for the whole the cement production cycle. The technological deployment will be done in short time seeking the least impact on normal plant operations. It is planned to achieve this through the fulfillment of the tasks described below.
WP5: Data Analysis,Validation and Life Cycle Assess. for a less polluting and resourceintensive product
The overall objective for the WP5 is to data analysis, validate, evaluate the potential for energy saving, waste revalorization and reduction of emissions associated with the manufacturing and application of Eco-Cement product, demonstrate the results obtained in the WP4. Through the data holistic analysis assuring the compliment of the European directives as the (IPCC) and the "CO2 accounting and reporting standards for the cement industry". The idea will be to classify the information in order to develop the necessary standard activities and tools for auditing, instrumentation for monitoring, control and follow up the implementation of the ECO-CEMENT project scopes. A deliverable for the ISO and EN standards for energy and CO2 management systems comply will be delivered.
WP6: Business/Market Modelling, IPR Strategies and Exploitation of Project Results
The overall objective is to guide the project towards a viable exploitation strategy on a global scale by developing
an Exploitation Plan covering:
- Consortium Exploitation Plans, establishing guidelines to the commercial deployment of the ECO-CEMENT project results.
- Market Analysis, targeted partners and assessment of the competitive environment surrounding the project.
- Business Models definition for the exploitation of the project`s main results. SMEs will generate.
- Business Models as advisers, consultants, installers and developers of Eco-Cement technology in the cement industry.
- Project results, impact evaluation on economic, social, environmental and energy aspects
- IPR and Knowledge Protection Strategy.
WP7: Awareness, dissemination and training
The overall objective is to disseminate the project results covering:
- An Awareness and Dissemination Plan deployment.
- Education and training activities.


Project Coordinator

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